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Engage Your Wine Lovers with
The New Generation of Wine Dispensing Machines…….

For all wine merchants and F&B operators, you’re always looking for new ways to better promote your portfolio of wines.
And well, one timeless method has been offered is “wine-tasting” to your customers …
just so your customers then feel confident and buy the wines after tasting!

Wine is no different.
Given how much complex knowledge there is to do with wines, most of the time your customers may not really know what they’re buying.
And because of this, hesitance sets in. Which then means that your wine bottles end up gathering dust on the shelves.
This is definitely not the wine business that the wine merchants and the F&B operators are looking forward to.

So here’s an easy solution →our state-of-the-art of new generation “NAC” wine dispenser machines:
*With these dispensers, your customers can gain your trust and also learn to appreciate what they’re buying by sampling a variety of wines first.
*These dispensers are also designed to preserve the sanctity of your wines.
This means that you will not have to worry about bottles going stale.
And you can, with great confidence, help your “would-be” customers to appreciate the aromatic flavours that come with each wine.

The new generation of the “NAC” Wine Dispenser Machines, not only preserve OPEN WINES, they also serve as your BEST CONTROLLER to reduce the wine wastage and also your BEST PROMOTERS or BEST WINE AMBASSADORS for your wines..
As a Wine Business Operator, there are only 3 simple steps you need to think about:
  • Select the right type of wine machine
  • Plug in the machine and put in your desired wine bottles
  • Set up the wine information via the “TOUCH SCREEN” control panel on the machines
And for your Customers?

It’s much more convenient. It’s quite literally just a TAB!

Armed with this nifty wine card, here’s the 3 convenient steps your customers will take to appreciate your wines:
  • Insert the wine card into the machine
  • “Tab” on the button of the selected wines
  • Enjoy the wines in the wine glass… at the desired portion your customer prefers…

So it is as simple as “TAB” –Taste. Appreciate. Buy!

 Let your machine makes your customers feel at ease with this enjoyable exploration of different wines.

Unlock and let the customers to discover their inner potential of “WINE SOMMELIER”

Sit back and enjoy the profiteering capacity of these dispensers.
Apart from increased sales, you also get to save on costs by reducing wine wastage and of course increasing the productivity.  
Most importantly, with different business models operating different concepts & budgets, you have choices of DIFFERENT types of wine dispensers !
For machines integrated with the built-in software, you are able not only to keep tracks of your consumers’ tasting record, also the essential wine management and the inventory control of all wines in the machine.
Definitely, your customers will be very pleased with you keeping their record of wine preferences at your fingertips.
With the option of WINE CARDS come with the feature of “top-up value”, you are able to best manage and develop your wine consumer membership programs at ease.

And of course using one card, you can incorporate your customer to a hoard of benefits; ranging from cost-effective discounts on other wines to special invitations to your popular wine events or wine seminars…
A great chance to mingle with like-minded people, isn’t it?  

So just remember – it is just as simple as “T.A.B” for your customers


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