Expertise & Brands

Running a Business or Event?

Many of our F&B partners & trade customers, include prestigious hotels, famous restaurants & bars, premium membership clubs, airlines are all satisfied with our constant supply of various wine selections. Also we have reputed corporations, organizations and private clienteles running various wine related events & campaigns with our careful selections of wine portfolio.
At AWN, we have crafted the expertise necessary to successfully manage the wine-side of businesses.
These are records we have established over the last 25 years.

We provide you an array of wine options tailored for specific occasions– with varieties and prices that fit comfortably into your requirements. We help you ease off the guess-work and to keep the costs of running your business low.

It’s really just down to selecting the right wines - something AWN can help you with. 

The whole point here is to make your wine “partnership” with us as
memorable as possible instead of just being your wine supplier.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how we can help you:

  • From start to finish, we will help you run any type of wine related events - ranging from lifestyle events, to wine seminars, wine tasting & appreciation events
  • Should you a private / corporate customer or you run a F&B business, based on what you need, we will specifically source and recommend a tantalizing wine portfolio
  • For the F&B customers, not only we could be your favorite wine supplier, we could also assist you to develop and execute a carefully planned wine inventory management system to help you to track your supply levels and costs
  • Also, we could provide you with the expertise to design creative concepts for an enticing Wine Menu & Wine List …all in the package
  • Coupled with the design of wine menu that fit into your concept, we will also help you to organize an inviting food and wine pairing assessment… because certain foods are great with certain wines!
  • To add on, our extra customer service is to provide the F&B operators the crucial staff training needed in the areas of wine knowledge, wine sale techniques & service 

Drop us a call or an email today, and we’ll tease out the details together.