“WOW”…. How do we do it?

Backed with more than 25 years of wine experience & wine knowledge, our wine specialist has established an enviable wine-selecting repertoire from the phenomenal diversity of WORLD OF WINES- “WOW”!

Being the direct wine importer and distributor, we are selective…because of you!
In fact, the selected countries we import bottles from are rated among the Top Wine producing regions in the World of Wines.
We constantly source wines with each and every bottle that has a deeply embedded tale of character and unique personality of which we strongly believe such will surprise your wine discoveries and redefine your wine passion…

And also for reasons like this:

  • We are regularly involved and participate in various local, regional & international “lifestyle” wine events, wine fairs & culinary and gourmet festivals
  • We have the portfolio of wines which have been awarded at both national and international competitions
  • We are the wine specialists with deep understanding of the local and regional palates and requirements 
We make it a point to bring in bottles straight and direct from the reputable wineries, this keeps costs low. Savings ….that we pass on to you!
From the cultural contexts laced into each brand’s winemaking practices, to why specific wines make more sense of particular occasions…  
We’ll help you to understand the nuanced differences between wines.

So let us be your partner!